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Intro to CareerCraft: Employment Guide for Video Game Players

Intro to CareerCraft: Employment Guide for Video Game Players

I'm writing a webguide to help Video Game Players with employment.

Hello all,

This is exciting for me because I have never done something like this before. I never thought that I would be someone who could help people in maters of employment, and now that I have I enjoy every minute of it. I want to help even more people and specifically target people I know I can relate with, Video Game Players.

When I made the resolution to stream human resource Q&As on I thought it would be something little I would do weekly and it would never become more than that. One day on stream I had the idea to create a website that will hold my thoughts more permanently. That website, is this one.

While working on this website I thought that I should make a more permanet and cohesive guide and target my favorite people. That lead to the creation of irlManuals. is a place where someday I hope to fill up many pages of information to anyone who will listen. I'm starting with what I know, and one of the things that I know is employment. So with this in mind I have started making the first irlManual, CareerCraft.

What is CareerCraft?

CareerCraft will be an ever expanding webpage that brings real life employment concepts into terms that people familiar with video games can understand.

What is being covered in CareerCraft?

The guide's basic structure is already created and you can view it here. The guide will start by covering how to find a company to work for, to gaining employment with that company, and to advancing past that company.

What should I expect in CareerCraft?

You should expect serious topics broken down into sections that is easily explained and fun. For instance, it calls the Americans with Disability Act the Americancs with Debuffs Act. A video game joke.

When will CareerCraft be completed?

Right now, CareerCraft is 5% complete. You can also see each Chapter and Section's Completeness in the Table of Contents. My goal is to complete CareerCraft by the end of 2016. The guide is being written slowly over time and in view of anyone. Any major completions will be posted on this blog, so make sure you are on our mailing list!

Will there be any other irlManuals?

After CareerCraft is done, I will be creating CareerCraft Boss Mode, for Video Game Players who are owners or managers of companies. I'm looking for anyone else who would like to create their own irlManual.

Where can I see CareerCraft?

Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here!

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