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The last of the Highlights and it went badly....

The last of the Highlights and it went badly....

This would be where I post my favorite highlights from my Twitch stream.... if it would work!


Normally my Wednesday update is a few clips from my Twitch.tv stream. Usually informative yet fun. This week, my extraction software can't seem to work without messing up my audio / video sync on my "What is HR" Video. So you will have to do with just two clips.

Also, I realized that instead of spending my time working on these highlight posts weekly, I should spend the time on irlManuals.com. So, this will be the last of the normal weekly posts about the twitch stream unless some fun things happen.

As always, please watch me Sunday Nights starting around 9:30 EST on Twitch.tv. Also, please join my mailing list, so you can get updates from this site.

What is HR?

[Video missing :(]

How do I get into Human Resources?

A Reading of "Go the F**K to Sleep"

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