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An Odd Question for a HR person...

An Odd Question for a HR person...

Hello my friends! Another week, another HR Q&A! And the Start of Something New!

Website news:

I started laying out the foundation of my online manual, CareerCraft: An Employment Guide for Video Game Players. You can check it here!

This week's Q&A

This week we got probably my new favorite questions, "How to Lose a Job?" I mean, most people want to keep their job, but here, someone wanted it the other way. They didn't want to quit, they wanted the company to quit them. So I pondered that questions, check below to see how I answered it along with another fun question:

How do I lose a job?

Why do supervisors have favorites?

Also, I hit level 40 on my Fisher in the game, because this isn't just about HR.

As always, I stream on Twitch every Sunday Night from 9:30PM until Midnight, check me out!

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